Web quest 7

Dear Student, 

So here is the task which is aimed at reviewing the materials which we have been studying for the last two weeks. Make sure you know the answers to all the questions. Tomorrow at 12.00 we are meeting to make the conclusion. 

1.  What are the names of the countries that make up the United Kingdom? 
2. How old are some of the parts of the buildings of the Houses of Parliament?
3. Where are laws passed in the UK?
4. What is the population of England? 
5. Which  part of Britain is Scotland?
6. What is the population of Scotland?
7. How long has Scotland been part of Britain?
8. What is the capital of Scotland?
9. What unique customs does Scotland have? 
10. How long has Edinburgh Festival celebrated art, theatre and culture?
11. Where is Wales in Britain?
12. How long has Wales been part of the United Kingdom?
13. What is the population of Wales?
14. What symbols does Wales have?
15. What is the capital of Wales? 
16. What is the name of the language spoken in Wales? 
17. What tradition is important in Wales?
18. Do you have to be Welsh to be a member of the choir? 
19. What is the population of Northern Ireland? 
20. What is the capital of Northern Ireland? 
21. What does the flag of Northern Irelkand show? 
22. Is Irish dancing popular?
23.What epoch in English history was William Shakespeare born?
24. Where was Shakespeare born?
25. Did Shakespeare complete his studies at the local grammar school?
26. Did Shakespeare have a family?
27. What did Shakespeare do between 1585 and 1592?
28. Are there any theories suggesting that the playwright William Shakespeare did not exist at all?
29.  What legendary theatre did Shakespeare establish?
30.  When were the most famous of his 37-plus plays written?
31. How old was Shakespeare when he died?
32. Is it true that Shakespeare helped transform the English language?
33. Where is that mysterious island with such a romantic name as Foggy Albion?
34.Why is that country called foggy?
35. What is the most popular beverage in Britain?
36. What drink did Thomas Garway, the owner of a coffee house, sell in 1657?
37. Was it a cheap drink in the 1700s?
38. What popular fashion did  the 7th Duchess of Bedford start in 1800?
39. Do the British use the euro as their currency? 
40. What coins are in regular circulation?
41. What notes are used?
42. Some shops may not accept notes from the bank of Northern Ireland. Why may it happen?
43. How far is Oxford from London? 
44. How many colleges is Oxford University made of? 
45. How many students are studying at Oxford? 
46. What activities outside the studies do students get involved in? 
47.  How important are the extracurricular activities like sporting clubs and societies? 
48. Here are the names of some of the Most Famous Oxford Students of All Time. What did they do or what do they do in their lives? 
Lewis Carroll
Oscar Wilde
T.S. Eliot
J.R.R. Tolkien
Margaret Thatcher
Tim Bernes Lee
Tony Blair
Stephen Hawking 
Bill Clinton
Rowan Atkinson ( Mr Bean)
David Cameron
Hugh Grant
49. What country is famous for the  Loch Ness Monster?
50.  When did people first learn the news about the monster?
51.  Is there any evidence of its existence?
52. What nickname does the monster have?

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