Web Quest Задание 1

Dear Student,

Your task is to navigate through the world of the United Kingdom Web Quest as you email the answers to each of the questions you will be provided with.

Below the questions there is a link that will take you to the website to find the answers. Be sure to watch the video carefully and find exactly what you need.

Email your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enjoy your voyage! 

1.  What are the names of the countries that make up the United Kingdom? 
2. How old are some of the parts of the buildings of the Houses of Parliament?
3. Where are laws passed in the UK?
4. What is the population of England? 
5. Which  part of Britain is Scotland?
6. What is the population of Scotland?
7. How long has Scotland been part of Britain?
8. What is the capital of Scotland?
9. What unique customs does Scotland have? 
10. How long has Edinburgh Festival celebrated art, theatre and culture?
11. Where is Wales in Britain?
12. How long has Wales been part of the United Kingdom?
13. What is the population of Wales?
14. What symbols does Wales have?
15. What is the capital of Wales? 
16. What is the name of the language spoken in Wales? 
17. What tradition is important in Wales?
18. Do you have to be Welsh to be a member of the choir? 
19. What is the population of Northern Ireland? 
20. What is the capital of Northern Ireland? 
21. What does the flag of Northern Irelkand show? 
22. Is Irish dancing popular?


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